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About 20 years ago an Italian friend of mine put an espresso machine in his restaurant where I frequently volunteered. I loved the machine, the process and the espresso coffee. Soon thereafter I wrote a business plan for an Espresso Drive-Thru that included great coffee and food. Investment capital? Everyone I approached said "Espresso Coffee is a fad! There is no future in that business!" Go figure! What did they know?

I moved on to do other things in life but I always retained the desire to open my own Coffee Bar. I realized over the years that my desire was not just about the coffee. The "place" itself emerged as a driving factor for me. A warm and inviting place for people to be social. A place where they knew your name and it just felt good to be there. Humm... Maybe I wanted my own neighborhood "CHEERS". Well... It is finally a reality! Come in and get a cup of true, grade one Arabica that is custom blended and roasted just for you.

Welcome to ReBOOT!

Grantas, White Coffee, Italian Sodas, Ice Cream, Pastries and more!
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